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Project management

Substation construction

Regional and national grids

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Distribution networks

We design and plan lines, cables and substations in the distribution network. Design of distribution networks also includes signing contracts with landowners and applying for permission and licences from government authorities. We work with all currently used tools such as NetBas, GeoNIS, Tekla NIS, netLIN 2 and 3, Power Line Systems, AutoCAD and REN.

Industry and small power plants

Do you own your own HS plant and have operational responsibility for it? We can help you with both the supervision and maintenance of the plant as well as management services. We have long-standing experience in helping manufacturing companies, ports, hospitals and major real estate companies to run industrial facilities efficiently. We plan and design – but also perform troubleshooting, safeguard professional liability (expert management), perform energy optimisation and correct settlement, assist on issues involving grid owners and update and maintain plant documentation.

Geographical information systems

We provide specialist services in the management of geographical information. GIS is very important in the planning and operation of technical infrastructure, property management, land use and transport planning. Rejlers has a high level of expertise and broad experience in using GIS as a tool in these processes. This involves consultancy services related to the establishment, planning and production of geographical information as well as operating support for GIS solutions. We have a wealth of experience in obtaining and presenting technical infrastructure, real estate data, land use and natural resource management in the areas of forestry, agriculture, land, mountains, biodiversity and water resources.