Smart consultancy generates valuable buildings

Many things need to be taken into consideration when designing and constructing a building. Comfort, quality, user friendliness and profitability are just some of these. Our consultants focus on cost efficiency, optimisation of operations and user experience in all phases of construction – which means that we create valuable buildings for owners and users alike.

Smart buildings

We have the expertise that makes a difference when buildings need to go smart. We provide advice and solutions in which technology is used to create real benefits for owners, operating staff, tenants and other users of the building.

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Energy management and design

Good energy management is a prerequisite for good buildings! Through targeted energy management, we help you to identify profitable and innovative technical initiatives to streamline the energy usage in your organisation. We also help you to implement these: our engineers design the optimum energy systems for your project. We perform energy and efficiency calculations, assess energy usage against building regulations (TEK17, house bank, passive house and plus house) and look at various viable design solutions. Your company will achieve reduced running costs, an enhanced environmental profile and strengthened competitiveness.

Power design

Our electrical engineers have wide-ranging expertise in power consultancy services with the design of everything from power stations, street lighting and infrastructure for illumination, heating and control systems. This is also where we build the foundation for the smart buildings of the future. Rejlers has long-standing experience in designing a variety of building types, such as residential homes, hotels, hospitals, sports facilities, schools, shopping centres and offices.

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Before anyone can move into the smart buildings of tomorrow, the buildings have to be designed, and technical information from a range of contributors has to be compiled. Smooth interaction between players is crucial to the final result. The use of BIM tools raises the level of interaction throughout the value chain from design to finished construction. Costs are reduced, and the quality of the finished building increases. We use 3D modelling on all projects and offer an efficient and customised BIM design as part of our consultancy services.

Energy labelling

Energy labelling is mandatory under energy labelling regulations and is intended to increase awareness of energy consumption. Energy labelling gives buildings an energy certificate containing a list of suggestions for energy-saving measures. With our nationwide interdisciplinary expertise, we help you get the job done at a competitive price along with valuable advice that means lasting energy reductions across the building stock.

ITB coordinator

The coordinator of Integrated Technical Building Installations (ITB) plays a key role in shaping the smart buildings of the future. At Rejlers, we aim to deliver the best expertise available in the marketplace in this area. Effective integration of the various technical facilities in the building means more energy-efficient buildings, optimal operation, reduced operating costs and enhanced indoor climate as well as better functionality for the end user which contributes to increased attractiveness and higher building values.