Efficient operation and quality are imperative in all links of the street-lighting value chain.

Complete and efficient operation

Efficient operation and quality are imperative in all links of the street-lighting value chain in order to meet society’s requirements for cost-efficiency and utility value. The savings that can be made by investing in modern energy-efficient lighting can quickly be eaten away if all processes are not under full control.


We work with our partner Dokflyt to offer a module-based system that provides a simple and instructive approach to the documentation process. Users are presented with screens that are appropriate to the process with which they are working. Data collection is solved efficiently through electronic schedules on all types of mobile device and includes determination of coordinates as well as simple and clear transfer to the map solution.

We know all about documentation

We have long-standing experience in documentation of construction data, and we know how to structure value-creating documentation processes for our clients. Our solutions include:

  • Documentation directly from FKB maps
  • On-site collection with GPS
  • Transfer of data to SVDB
  • Map view
  • Project portal
  • Client portal

Documentation and monitoring of new-build and maintenance projects

Efficient management of infrastructure requires effective documentation. We offer a simple start-up with large-scale benefits. Integrating high-quality digital documentation into operating and maintenance procedures generates value!

Data collection
Ready-made, standardised (NVDB) schedules on tablet

  • Fitting types
  • Ignition point temperature
  • Owners
  • Masts


Ready-made, standardised final inspection schedules
(Based on REN)

  • Descriptions available in app (RENBLADER)
  • Photo checkpoint
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Non-conformance schedules



  • Sørge for komplett dokumentasjon i felt
  • Dokumentere nye anlegg inn i eksisterende anlegg


Supplier monitoring. Quality assurance work completed from office

  • Following up on supplier deadlines
  • Completing random sample testing