InfrastructureSmart Mobility

IT is critical to ensuring effective utilisation of public transport infrastructure.

Smart City

IT is critical in guaranteeing efficient utilisation of transport infrastructure. IT ensures environmental benefits, efficiency gains and road safety and is a significant prerequisite in building the Smart Cities of the future. We provide solutions throughout the value chain for state, municipality and private sector operators in Scandinavia where secure communication and reliable flow of information are critical. We also provide services related to payment solutions for toll roads and parking.

Make it work

We ensure that data get to their destination, at the right time and right quality! In the role as system integrator, we take complete responsibility for the collection, processing and analysis of traffic data from different sources and suppliers as well as operation of communication infrastructure.
Examples of sources are data from sensors, cameras, dynamic signage, toll points, noise monitoring equipment and air quality meters. We prepare data for analytical purposes and we also perform analyses ourselves. Our solutions are generic and independent of supplier, something that gives us flexibility when it comes to choice of infrastructure.
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Connected Cars

In the future, all cars will be online – all the time! Connected Cars make completely new demands of network security and capacity in processing data from sensors in the traffic landscape for road users. We have the expertise and solve the challenges involved to ensure that data get to their correct destination.

Public transport

Cities are growing – by 2050 more than 70% of the world’s populations are expected to be living in cities. Efficient solutions for public transport will be vital in order to ensure inhabitants fast, reliable and cost-effective transport. Meeting society’s requirements for environmentally friendly solutions as regards emissions and noise is also critical. Our advisors in Railconsult have long-standing and wide-ranging experience in resolving bottlenecks, and we assist in the design of scalable and forward-looking solutions.

Access management

Our native system monitors access control to specific areas where certification is required for entry. Our system is used for e.g. tunnels and industrial sites. The system checks that subcontractors and their staff have the right certification to enter designated areas – so that the system always knows who is located where, something that is important for HSE purposes or in the event of fire and accidents.


Infrastructure for road networks and traffic is critical for society and makes great demands of reliability and security. These networks are different to standard office networks as they have a number of distributed entry points. We make the design of networks for secure and redundant communication in critical installations, and we offer a wide spectrum of services in the testing of security and reliability.