We enhance society and make it more sustainable by digitising physical infrastructure and combining IT with consultant engineering services

As a Rejlers employee, you will be an important contributor to our company and our customers.

Rejlers has a long tradition of encouraging personal initiative in the development of the company and our employees.
We focus on retaining and developing our company culture which is built on our core values:


Cross-disciplinary environment

We ensure personal development through certification, courses and conferences coordinated in your own development plan. You will form part of a cross-disciplinary environment of employees in the fields of IT, TECH and Engineering where we contribute to the sustainable development of society. We believe that by combining the best of these environments, we will be in a stronger position in our efforts to digitise society.


Our headquarters can be found in DEG16 which is a modern highrise in Barcode in Bjørvika. Our high-end offices offer an award-winning staff canteen and excellent facilities for anyone wanting to cycle to work. Join us at our legendary summer parties, Christmas events or something as simple and fun as a Friday beer with colleagues at the office. Take to the road with our own cycling team from Lillehammer to Oslo or join our mountain walkers on a summer hike. Over the past ten years, we have become known and recognised for organising spectacular ski trips with certified guides. We have skied in Piemonte in the south, Lofoten in the west, Hemsedal in the east and Lyngen in the north syd.


We are growing rapidly and are one of Scandinavia’s largest technology consultancy companies. As an employee at Rejlers, you will be an important contributor to the development of our operations and our clients. We work with a flat and decentralised organisational structure and decision paths are short. Continuously developing and facing new challenges is motivating for employees and contributes to high job satisfaction. Our rapid growth means that new opportunities are always available. These may involve new projects and clients, new challenges in other locations or progressing to a managerial role. We have offices in Sweden, Finland and Norway. With Rejlers, you become part of an expert team helping to build the Rejlers of the future.


PASSIONATE – we like technology that creates value. We offer expertise, curiosity and the will to provide solutions that generate value for our customers. We work continuously to add business value and be ‘where the puck is going to be’ as Wayne Gretzky would say.

EMPOWERED – we have the courage and will power to make decisions. With personal responsibility, common sense and a continuous ability to see the big picture, we create the conditions and innovation needed to meet the requirements of our customers.

HEALTHY –  we prioritise health in a wide range of contexts. Whether it involves generating business value for our customers, a healthy workplace and life situation for our employees or a financially sustainable organisation for shareholders and our employees.

Thinking of your next career move? We are on the lookout for more great people to join us!

Rejlers is known as an excellent employer and one of the fastest growing technology consultancy companies in the Nordics.

We employ: developers, project managers, constructors, designers, network planners, environmental consultants, administrators, group leaders, design managers and secretaries. We can be found across Norway – from Kristiansand in the south to Kirkenes in the north.