Grids with a voltage of 45 kV and above

We have long-standing and wide-ranging experience of such systems which cover a broad range of technical expertise.

Power line design

We use advanced programmes for precise calculation – Comsol Multiphysics, for example, is suitable for identifying thermal conductivity on cable systems as well as induced voltages and magnetic field calculations. We also perform calculations for the establishment of new or modification of existing facilities. Real-time calculations provide correct dimensioning and optimal technical specifications for purchasing new equipment or enhanced utilisation of existing infrastructure.

Power system survey and analysis

Power system surveys aim to pinpoint streamlined socio-economic expansion of the grid. The power system surveys describe the current power grid, transmission conditions and future required network initiatives and investments. Power and energy balance sheets and data for production, transmission and consumption of energy are also produced.

Our surveys also propose various alternatives for the development of leased lines and simplified socioeconomic assessments of future investments. The surveys provide reviews of current levels of reliability of supply, available network capacity for new production as well as consumer flexibility and development of energy sources other than electricity. In our power system surveys, facilities are modelled in PSS/E software and static and dynamic analyses performed to identify grid response to an event or change of configuration. We also work in different NIS systems (e.g. NetBas, OpenNIS and Tekla) for simple calculations or export from these for further analysis in PSS/E.


In recent years, we have supplied many turnkey network installations for grid companies in Norway.

Our projects often include:

  • Planning and design
  • Preparation of equipment and work descriptions
  • Preparation of complete tender documentation
  • Case processing and land acquisition
  • Completion of tender process (in partnership with principal)
  • Evaluation of bids and contractor/supplier recommendations
  • Participating in contract negotiation with contractors/suppliers (in partnership with principal)
  • Preparation of contract
  • Project and construction management
  • Handover

Many of our engineers also have professional experience from construction and energy companies. This wide-ranging knowledge makes us highly qualified to take on projects from planning to handover.