How to make the meter Great again

In recent years, Norway has completed its switch from old manually read analogue meters to modern digital meters. Regulations require a wide spectrum of functionality. Early on in the rollout, the focus was on technology and the specifications of the meters themselves – as well as complex rollout projects involving highly demanding logistics.

The focus has, however, quickly shifted to how to tackle the huge volumes of data – and how to utilise the data generated by the meters. The shape and implementation of the Norwegian data hub (Elhub) was also decisive in understanding the need for modern IT systems. The focus is now on value creation – how to implement new IT processes with optimum use of meter data. Find out more about how the power meter became ‘great again’.

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Documentation of critical infrastructure

Both the authorities and network operators themselves have high quality and grid maintenance standards. Extremely high value and uptime requirements are involved.

We are experts in documentation of critical infrastructure! It is all about efficient operations and quality in all parts of the documentation process – high-quality digital documentation integrated into operational and maintenance processes generates value.

We have developed data capture systems that ensure fast, reasonable and precise preparation of construction documentation – whether for a power line for a network customer or large regional network connections.

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