Wide range of digital services

Rejlers offers a wide range of digital services. From traditional data centre operations to one of Norway’s largest IoT hubs in the public cloud, we offer the expertise required to meet your digital needs.

We have specialised in running business-critical applications such as SAP and Infor M3 in our own data centre. By building APIs on top of these environments, we are also able to offer all the power available in Azure, or Google to allow you to use the platform that is best suited to your digital development.

Our extensive network of partners and in-house consultants and developers are on hand to help you on your digital journey.


Most organisations are currently concerned about three things: digitisation, reduction of environmental impact and income. Rejlers is well positioned as a preferred partner for organisations with green and digital ambitions. Our long-standing expertise in the fields of energy and buildings covers power generation, energy utilisation and construction. If we draw a parallel to IT and development environments, we are able to provide building services including harvesting data from IoT sensors, ID and access control, enhanced energy utilisation and crowd management.