Home of the learning minds

Rejlers has unique expertise in digitisation combined with business consultancy services. Our particular focus areas are Energy, Buildings, Industry and Infrastructure. Skills are our top priority. Our business is all about understanding our clients’ businesses and challenges – and the opportunities that new technology provides in meeting those challenges. That is why we call ourselves the ‘Home of the Learning Minds’.


Rejlers Norway supplies services to clients across Scandinavia. Rejlers employs approx. 250 people. We stand out by combining solid digitisation expertise with wide-ranging experience and knowledge of our clients’ businesses. We form part of the Rejlers Group which has 75 years of experience as a consultant supplier of expertise to the business community in the Nordics and which is listed on NASDAQ QMX in Stockholm.

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Sustainable digital solutions for the future

Many industries are facing a paradigm shift in which digitisation is key – and where new solutions have to meet requirements for sustainability. In order to tackle climate challenges, we have to work smarter and utilise resources more efficiently. This makes new demands of the management of enormous volumes of data, real-time information and up-to-the-minute condition reports – while operational and quality requirements are also increasing. Digitisation means enhanced use of resources. It is all about converting this increased efficiency into benefits for clients, society and the environment.


In today’s society, it has become increasingly important to assess how we, both as individuals and businesses, affect the environment. How the environment affects Rejlers and how Rejlers can work to ensure that the environment is always on the agenda. All our activities – from idea to execution – are planned and managed with an eye on quality and the environment.

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Home of the learning minds

Skills are always our top priority. Our business is about understanding our clients’ requirements and challenges – and the opportunities that new technology provides in meeting those challenges. That is why we provide training on an on-going basis. We want to be the best at understanding our clients and at applying new technology.

We take up the challenge and get the job done by sharing information in our networks. That is why we describe our business culture with these values:

Open source culture – A culture of learning, sharing knowledge and curiosity makes Rejlers a meeting place for exploring new knowhow.

Love the challenge – Strong businesses need fuel to drive them into the future. We call it the will to take on new challenges and a willingness to explore new opportunities.

Brilliant networks – We need to nurture and develop dynamic, diverse and innovative partnerships, both internally and externally.